Barn Wood Bar

It’s about time I showed off a barn wood project. This is probably one of my favorite pieces in my entire house. I love it for three reasons.

1-my husband made it. Yep, all of it, design and all.

2-since it is homemade, it is very customized. We knew we needed extra seating in the kitchen since this space is too small for a dining table. Our kitchen is also very limited in the amount of storage space is provided for seasonal items such as big serving platters so we needed space for those. There is also a lack of usable counter space. I like to spread out when I am making a recipe and this bar top provides a lot more space to do prep work or allow foods to cool, such as muffins or cookies.

3-we get so many compliments on this piece. Almost everyone thinks it came from Pottery Barn. They are completely surprised when we tell them we made it.

So without further ado, let’s get to the pictures!

This is pretty much the basic framework structure. Here we are looking at the side where the top will overhang providing room for a couple of seats. We decided to make it stand at about 38″ tall. It’s a nice height for us and we find we stand up to it a lot as well as sit at it.

A neighboring city had a yard sale that we were able to get a bunch of this wood to utilize as siding. It looks like barn wood, but I believe it was fencing. After debating which direction to nail the boards, we decided on horizontal, felt that vertical was too similar to a fence.

The bar top is a couple of pieces of oak that hubs glued together to make the correct size we needed. Once the pieces were glued together and dry, we sanded it down and then applied a couple of coats of stain* and then some polyurethane to seal it up.

*I believe we used Provincial stain from MinWax.

Finally finished! I couldn’t wait to take any pictures so you will just have to imagine it with a couple of bar stools. I love that we decided to put some open shelves on one side. I can display some of my antique pieces, cookbooks, or use it as food storage. The options are endless which is great for me because I like to change things up once in a while.

I guess this is the front side. We made the doors with magnetic closers. Hubs would like to do something different to the door fronts though. He thinks tin roofing would be fun, just haven’t found anything we like yet.

Here is a quick glimpse inside, please excuse the curious puppy. She loves to get into everything and check it out. I feel that every kitchen needs to have a cupboard that can hold all the baking sheets, cooling racks, cutting boards and any other long skinny pans. I also think it needs to have one for all the platters and serving trays that just don’t fit anywhere else. Luckily this kitchen has one cupboard where I could put all my baking sheets but still needed more space for the platters.

The beauty of this project is that we can take the top off and move it to our next home. This factor was a huge consideration in the design and the special features we added to it, such as the platter section. I love knowing that this piece can always travel with us and continue to be a big statement in every space it resides in.

Do you have a statement piece in your home that you love?

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Sproost Love

I came across this website a few years ago but decided to revisit it the other day to see what my results would be and if they had changed.

Here are my results:

Traditional Country


Mountain Lodge Style


Nantucket Style


I don’t recall what all my results were a few years ago, but I do know that Mountain Lodge style has not changed. Anything to do with the outdoors and nature is definitely a staple in my household. My husband is a hunter/fisher and is always bringing me feathers, rocks, pine cones, antlers and other goodies to put into my decor~which I absolutely love. I also have a love for antiques and anything that has history to it. I like using things that show signs of wear and tear to help give my home that lived in, homey feel which is really the core foundation of traditional country for me. The one result that I was a little shocked about was Nantucket. I am not that big of a fan of the beach, but I do like the natural aspects that lend a beachy feel to a home like grass baskets, sisal rugs, jute rope, and canvas ticking. Lately I have found myself drawn to these aspects more than in years past. I have also found that it is an easy style to mesh with my existing styles.

Overall I had fun taking the quiz numerous times to see how my results changed with each test. If you have a spare five minutes, you should check it out too. You never know what you might discover about your style or find a new inspiration.

What is your sproost style?

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Guest Bathroom Makeover

When we first purchased our house back in 2009, we failed to realize that there was no shower in the guest bathroom. Guess we figured most houses now-a-days had one, never realizing that the tile only went half way up the wall for a reason. We knew that this would be a major concern when guests visited our home and didn’t feel that our master bath would suffice either as it is even smaller than this one. Plus, who wants your guests using your master bath?? So we started to consider our options and figured out a game plan. Here is what it looked like before.

We were not thrilled to tackle tile at all. So we headed to Lowe’s and found a shower wall surround that appeared easy to install. Hubby was able to look online and self teach himself how to solder and install the shower head.We also tore down the wall paper then added some texture to it then painted. Here are the after pictures.


The paint color is Silver Lining by Valspar. In most cases it almost looks like a soft blue color, not gray/silver. The mirror got a makeover as well. It originally was gold but I am not a big fan so I spray painted it silver. I also grabbed a tension rod and hung up a piece of burlap on the bottom portion of the window. I felt covering the whole window stole too much natural light but I also didn’t want to compromise privacy either.


I wanted to keep the wall colors and fabric accessories neutral so that it would allow my husband’s collection of Coca Cola things to stand out. I really love using drop cloths as a curtain and in this case used it for a shower curtain. The texture and warmth it adds to the space is a new twist to the convention shower curtain and I like that its basically a blank canvas I can do anything with in the future- possibly add a stencil or ribbon along the edges. I purchased a separate rod then used clip rings to hang up the drop cloth. I then hung up a separate rod for the shower curtain to keep the water in the shower. Having two rods can be a challenge at times, but I liked the option of using the drop cloth curtain to hide the ugly plastic one so I hung it higher.

After the room was painted, I used monkey hooks to hang the bottle crates to the wall in place of shelving. I am surprised at how well these are holding everything up. If you are still timid of trying them, go for it! You will be impressed at their performance.

We are very happy with how this project turned out and all of our guests so far have been impressed as well.

What have you done to improve your bathroom’s functionality?

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Welcome to Barnwood and Burlap! I am so happy you are here. Follow me as I begin this journey sharing with you all the DIY projects that my husband and I tackle. We are novice weekend warriors and strive to make our home a happier and cozier space with each new improvement. My husbands career will keep us on our toes and moving from time to time so we will always have a new space to improve. I also love to create, decorate and just find fun ideas to someday try for myself. There will be a lot of changes in these first few months as I learn the ins and outs of professional blogging but I cant wait to share with you all the things that I have been up to.

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Hello World!

Welcome. Please excuse the construction dust! We are still working on things, but hope to be finished soon. Come back and see us!

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