Kitchen Remodel: Part 1

This is Part 1 of our kitchen remodel. Funding and the lack of motivation kept us from completing this entire project at one time. As you can see below, this kitchen really needed a makeover. We did all the work ourselves and in the middle of the summer so we could utilize the BBQ to make dinner as some nights our kitchen was completely non functional.

The cabinetry was a dark brown laminate wood that we buffed with a sander then primed and painted with Valspar Antique White. We wanted a lighter space and felt that the dark cabinets really made the whole area feel heavy. I also knew that I didn’t want just white cabinets; it needed some dimension. I looked at glazing over the white but in the end decided to just use some stain instead. I felt the shine of the glaze would be too much for the space as well as adding a whole additional step that was a lot more work than I was willing to do. I found new hardware to match the hinges on the doors. We decided to not replace them because the hinges slipped into grooves that were in the frame of the cabinet. Replacing them meant tearing down the entire cabinet, which we were not willing to do.

We also changed the counter tops to a darker color to help hide any stains that might occur. The old counters were white and the years of use really started to show and make them feel outdated as well as grungy. Hubby found a way to cover the existing counter tops with our new Jamocha Granite laminate material. We loved how it brought the different colors of the room together as well as making it feel more updated. We decided to install bead board as a back splash and to the ends of the cabinets to make them feel more like pieces of furniture and to give the space more texture. The walls were painted with Sherwin Williams Softer Tan to match the existing dining room walls.

Looking back at the before pictures still shocks me. I do remember walking into the room the next day after everything was put back up and feeling like I was in a completely different house. It really is amazing what a little bit of paint can do.

Stay tuned for the rest of our Kitchen Remodel.

What are some of your inspirational photos and tips?

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