Christmas Book Advent Calendar

A few years ago when I did not have a child, I came across this idea for an advent calendar and totally fell in love. I love children’s books and anything about Christmas so the two together was just brilliant! I filed it away to use when I was fortunate to become a mother and I finally get to do it this year!

I used to teach elementary students so I already had a bunch of books from those days. Even going through my stash I came up with only 15 books. Looking through them I know that I would like to replace some of them with a few more classics like Polar Express but for now they will work. Isn’t this edition that my husband grew up with charming? I love that it has history in his holiday traditions growing up and now will part of ours.

My plan is to read a new book every other day and then once a day a few days before Christmas. I already know that this plan will change for the years to follow when more books are added in, but we will see how it works for this year. Either way I am very excited to do this and hope it will be a new tradition that leads to great holiday memories for years to come.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?

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