Vintage Silverware Napkin Holders

Thanks to all your comments! I love that I was able to inspire you with something new. Here is the tutorial I promised about the napkin holders.

Here is the line up. Spoons, big headed hammer, a flat surface to pound on, letter stamping kit and a sharpie marker.

I started with some spoons that I have had lying around for years. You can also use any pieces you have on hand or ones you found at a thrift/antique store. As you can see, I opted to not polish mine as I liked the natural patina these had; but you can easily polish your silverware if that is the look you are going for.

I apparently got so involved in the hammering process that I forgot to take any pics of the flattening process. Oops! Hopefully you can picture the rest in your head, so here goes. I used a hammer with a bigger head to help flatten faster. I also found that I had to work around the edges and slowly meet in the middle. Flipping the spoon back and forth also helped as the spoon would slowly bend upwards as I hammered. Remember to take your time and slowly work with your material. Some of them still turned out with a few ripples, but I was ok with that as that was the best I could do. Plus I am a wuss and was getting tired from all the pounding.

Next, I also chose to stamp out the words for numbers 1-6. I wanted to be able to utilize them for other holidays and felt “give thanks” or something along those lines would be too Thanksgiving specific. But the beauty of this idea is you can stamp anything;

  • Names of your guests would be very charming. They could then take it home with them as a favor.
  • Give Thanks or other words for gratitude.
  • Eat in different languages
  • A favorite quote or Bible verse, depending on your available space.
  • If you have an engraver, you could try engraving a picture or symbol.

Be creative with it and have fun! No matter what you chose, it will definitely be a conversation starter.

To make the letters stand out I used a sharpie marker to trace over them and then rubbed it off. The ink stayed in the indentation of the letter and made it easier to read.

I debated for awhile how I wanted to shape these spoons. In the end I decided to bend them in half making a U shape that I could slip my napkin into. The nature of my spoon ultimately led to this decision. If you want a true ring I would suggest using pliers and wrapping your spoon around a bar or whatever you have on hand to give you a smooth circle. I used the handle of my hammer to help bend my spoon but was not too sure how well it would make a circle. Again, work slowly with your material and use what you have on hand to help guide your shape.

I would love to see your results so be sure to leave a link to your picture in the comments section.

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