Thanksgiving Table

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought I would put together a tablescape that would possibly inspire you to do something new and or different for your table this year. For the first time in a couple years I will have company over for the holiday. I am excited but at the same time I have to kick everything up a notch and have a menu planned as well as an attractive place to eat. When it was just my husband and I we really didn’t worry about any of that. In fact, last year we went camping in an A line camper and practically froze while trying to fry our turkey. It got so cold that even my contact lenses froze overnight. But that is another story for a different time. Anyways, I knew that I had to have an awesome table to welcome our guests.

After becoming a mother for the first time, I have noticed that a lot of my focus has been on keeping things simple. It must be from the lack of spare time to work on things, but either way keeping my decor to a minimum has been very liberating for me and I find myself trying to reduce a lot of other areas in my life as well. It is definitely a challenge, but also very freeing.

First things first, I started with a neutral base as my tablecloth. I am a huge fan of drop cloths lately. They give the right amount of rustic charm as well as a smoother texture than burlap. It also helps that they are already hemmed so I don’t have to worry about wayward strings or getting out my sewing machine. They are easy to clean and can be reused in multiple ways. Recently I have also transitioned into white dishes. I feel this allows me to use them for every holiday and it is easier to add a few small touches of color in the napkin or centerpiece that reflects the holiday instead of having a cabinet full of different colored dishes. It also allows the food to be the main focus of the table, which I feel should always be the focus. To help separate the plates from the tablecloth, I added dark brown woven grass chargers. I found them a few years ago in the bargain section of my local big box store. To add a bit of nature, I filled the bottom of a chicken feeder with coffee beans and added a few tiny pine cones. I already had them on hand, but you can find them outside if you are lucky enough to live close to trees or at your local craft store. Simple white candles wrapped in jute add the finishing touch to my centerpiece.

I also added a touch of color to my tablescape by using some gold napkins. I had some vintage silverware that I turned into napkin rings. I love the unexpected look the flattened spoon gives to the table. It is also one of the first things you notice when you look at each place setting that sets the tone for the rest of the meal.

I hope you found something to inspire your table this year. Check back later for a brief tutorial on how to make napkin rings from vintage silverware.

Who will you be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with?

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